Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for all Breeds of Dogs

Since their domestication dogs have been Man’s companions in many different forms and as such have undergone dramatic changes. Today their task is of more urban and domestic nature and what and how much they need in food is naturally considerably different to that in their days as temple, fighting, hunting or guard dogs. The closer humans and dogs live together the greater the risk of a dog being humanised and fed like a human becomes. If we take over the responsibility of providing food for our companion we must never forget that its diet must meet a dog’s specific nutritional requirements and for each particular period in its life if it is to stay healthy.

These conclusions led the NEKTON-Produkte company to develop a series of products individually formulated to meet these demands, whether for daily health maintenance, specific health problems or particular periods in a dog’s life.

Probiotic Supplement for all Breeds of Dogs

NEKTON-Biotic-Dog is a probiotic feed supplement for the stabilization of the intestinal flora of dogs. With lactic acid forming bacteria, which also occur naturally in the intestinal wall of dogs, favoring there a healthy digestion of food. Natural mannan-oligosaccharides and fructans support through its prebiotic effect a positive composition of the intestinal flora. Ideal for indigestion and for regeneration after illness or antibiotic treatments. The probiotic substances in NEKTON-Biotic-Dog are also proven to increase the body’s immune defense.

Dogs suffer frequently from indigestion. The causes are varied and often not even known exactly. Many problems with digestion occur during diseases or after antibiotic treatments, for example. Also new allergies as well as food intolerances are sometimes cited as the cause. Often the colon is sensitive to stress, as occurs during transport of the dogs or in situations which demand from the dog great effort and Attention.

As a result of these factors, the balance of the intestines is often attacked. The pH-value and the composition of the important intestinal flora can change, whereupon the organism reacts sensitive. Whatever, a constant environment in the intestine is important for its function - the best possible utilization of the food. Last but not least, a healthy gut is also important for the well-being and can affect the behavior of the dog positively.

NEKTON-Biotic-Dog contributes to the stabilization of the intestinal flora and draws on purely natural ingredients. To prevent acidification, which favors the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut, the contained rice starch increases the pH-value and thus creates a more favorable environment for the beneficial bacteria, including Enterococcus faecium. These bacteria contained in NEKTON-Biotic-Dog belong to the natural intestinal flora of humans and dogs and support their regeneration. Rice starch is also 100 % absorbed in the dog intestines, it is energy-rich and does not burden the organism. As an important (prebiotic) food for beneficial intestinal bacteria, NEKTON-Biotic-Dog contains indigestible carbohydrates from the cell walls of yeast (mannan-oligosaccharides), as well as from plant by-products (fructans). The cell walls of yeast also provide so-called beta-glucans which bind harmful substances in the intestine that can subsequently be excreted.

Another probiotic substance is inulin which is contained in dandelions. Dandelion soothes the intestines and has a choleretic, diuretic and an appetizing effect. The contained sesquiterpenlactones but also the high potassium content of the plant is responsible for the diuretic effect. Further, dandelion has a stimulating effect on the metabolism and is anti-inflammatory and spasmolytic.

Nekton-Biotic-Dog also contains a moderate amount of yeast to supply the organism with numerous micronutrients such as various B-vitamins. Thus, a possible deficit of these nutrients, caused e.g. by diarrhea, is counteracted. Of course, NEKTON-Biotic-Dog does not contain sugar and preserving agents and is free of gluten.

Vitamin supplement to improve the skin and coat for dogs.

NEKTON-Dog-H is a specialized vitamin supplement designed to meet all the essential vitamin needs of dogs. It contains a generous amount of biotin. This high biotin content ensures dogs have beautiful, shiny coats and optimal fur development. NEKTON-Dog-H is highly effective in addressing issues like rough and brittle coats, unnatural light spots, or changes in the skin.

Biotin plays a crucial role in various metabolic reactions and supports the overall growth, feeding, and reproduction of dogs. It specifically contributes to the health and condition of their skin and fur. When using NEKTON-Dog-H, it is important to avoid administering any other vitamin supplements simultaneously.

In many cases, animals are unable to produce enough biotin on their own, which is why it needs to be provided externally. When dogs lack sufficient biotin, they quickly display typical signs of biotin deficiency. This deficiency manifests as brittle, dry, and dull fur, often accompanied by graying hair that eventually becomes brittle and falls out. Additionally, biotin deficiency can affect the dog's skin, causing flakiness and a faded appearance. In more severe cases, it may even lead to eczema and itching.

Another factor contributing to biotin deficiency is the use of antibiotics or sulfonamides. Certain proteins, like avidin found in raw egg whites and turkey chicks, can bind to biotin and render it unusable for dogs.

Once NEKTON-Dog-H is used for a short period and the symptoms have improved, it is recommended to switch to NEKTON-Dog-VM as a supplement.

How to feed:

Dosage according to body weight:

0-5 Kg (0-11 lbs) body weight - 0.5 g (0.0176 oz) NEKTON-Dog-H every 2 days
5-10 Kg (11-22 lbs) body weight - 0.5 g (0.0176 oz) NEKTON-Dog-H every day
10-15 Kg (22-33 lbs) body weight - 0.75 g (0.0265 oz) NEKTON-Dog-H every day
Proceed accordingly for heavier body weights.
Because this supplement has a higher vitamin D content than a complete feed, it should only make up 2.5% of a dog's daily ration.
A green measuring spoon is provided with each bottle of NEKTON-Dog-H. One measuring spoon corresponds to 1g (0.0353 oz) of NEKTON-Dog-H.


NEKTON-Dog-H should be stored dry and out of sunlight, between 15° and 25° C (59° and 77° F). DO NOT STORE IN THE FRIDGE !!!

Dextrose, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate.

Technological additive:
Silicic acid

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein 0.2 %, crude fat 0.02 %, crude fiber 0.1 %, crude ash 4 %, Ca 1.1 %

Nutritional additives per Kg:
1,350,500 I.U. vitamin A, 69,000 I.U. vitamin D3, 220 mg vitamin B1 (thiamine mononitrate), 360 mg vitamin B2 (riboflavin), 10,400 mg vitamin E (all-rac-alpha-tocopherylacetate), 1,972,000 µg biotin, 2,160 mg calcium-d-pantothenate, 2,150 mg niacinamide, 300 mg vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), 220 mg vitamin K3 (menadione-sodiumbisulfite), 50 mg folic acid, 5,400 µg vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamine), 14,820 mg choline chloride

Available in 2 sizes: 30g (1.06oz), 120g (4.23oz).

Vitamins – Minerals – Trace Elements for All Breeds of Dogs

Mineral elements are essential to the body and fulfil a number of important and diverse functions. Like vitamins, minerals are vital catalysts and activate the numerous enzymes or enzymatic systems involved in the catabolism (breaking down), metabolism (remodelling), and anabolism (rebuilding) of the ingested energy sources – proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

But not only a deficiency in minerals can harm the body. Practically any element can lead to serious and complicated disturbances in the body’s make-up when an animal consumes it in large enough quantities. That is why mineral elements should be in a balanced relationship to each other and to the other nutrients in the diet. An imbalance can lead to interference in mineral absorption, excretion and binding, and minerals should therefore always be regarded and administered as a group and not as individual elements.

Many of the most important basic foods for dogs lack calcium and vitamin A but contain a comparatively high proportion of phosphorus. NEKTON-DOG-VM has therefore been enriched with vitamin A to counteract a deficiency. However, as the amount of food supplement normally administered daily is low, it is difficult to add enough calcium to the supplement to balance out the poor calcium – phosphorus ratio. For this reason the proportion of magnesium and vitamin D in NEKTON-DOG-VM has been increased to improve the absorption of calcium in the intestines and thus achieve a better calcium – phosphorus ratio.

The nature and equilibrium of these nutrients are not only the basis for the quality of NEKTON-DOG-VM but also for its effectiveness as a vitamin and mineral supplement. The full potential of this product as an optimum source of essential vitamins and minerals is best put to use in maintaining good health in middle-aged dogs under normal conditions.

Natural supplement for making homemade raw food that includes meat, organs (OFFAL), and bones

NEKTON-Dog Natural BARF is a helpful addition to biologically appropriate raw feeding (BARF) for dogs. By including this supplement in their diet, a simple meal of raw meat, offal, and oil can become a complete and balanced meal, containing all necessary vitamins and minerals from natural sources. Plus, the supplement includes a high proportion of carefully selected herbs that promote vitality and a healthy metabolism.

It's worth noting that NEKTON-Dog Natural BARF is free from added sugar and flavors, as well as gluten and lactose, making it a suitable option for dogs with dietary restrictions or sensitivities.

When it comes to BARF feeding, which involves natural ingredients like different types of meat, offal, and vegetables, the vitamin and mineral content can vary significantly and may not be sufficient. Additionally, freezing these ingredients can further decrease their nutrient levels. That's where NEKTON-Dog Natural BARF comes in, providing all the essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements needed to supplement your homemade feed and prevent any potential deficiencies.

NEKTON-Dog Natural BARF focuses on a natural supplement that includes a carefully selected blend of herbs and healthy plants, many of which were part of the ancestral diet of dogs' wild relatives like wolves. These plants provide a wide range of healthy nutrients that can benefit your dog's overall health.

Some of the plants included in NEKTON-Dog Natural BARF, such as dandelion and nettles, are rich in nutrients that aid in digestion, urinary tract health, and immune system function. Rose hips and carrots contain high levels of vitamin C and provitamin A, while flaxseeds provide roughage and essential omega-3 fatty acids. The supplement also contains high-quality canola oil, which is rich in other essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E. Brewer's yeast provides minerals and vitamin B to promote a healthy coat and skin, while seaweed supplies trace elements and minerals like iodine, zinc, and magnesium.

Including NEKTON-Dog Natural BARF in your dog's diet can help prevent issues like bone blockages that can arise from feeding bones. The supplement is made up of components that are already broken down, making it easier for your dog's body to absorb and utilize the nutrients.

To ensure a sufficient supply of essential fatty acids, it's recommended to feed approximately 1-2 teaspoons of oil per 10Kg (22Lb) of body weight daily. Additionally, offal should be fed in small portions.

How to feed:

Mix 1 teaspoon per 10Kg (22Lb) of body weight into the food daily. Maximum 6 teaspoons per day.


NEKTON-Dog Natural BARF should be stored dry and out of sunlight, between 15° and 25° C (59° and 77° F). DO NOT STORE IN THE FRIDGE !!!

Minerals, linseed, carrots, rose hips, brewer's yeast, seaweed (Ascophyllum), apple pomace, dandelion leaves, nettle leaves, canola oil.

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein 1.8 %, crude fat 3.5 %, crude ash 20.4 %, crude fibre 4.6 %, calcium 12.2 %, phosphorus 0.2 %, sodium 5.5 %

Available in 2 sizes: 120g (4.23oz) and 350g (12.35oz).

Vitamins and Minerals for Raw Feeding

NEKTON-Easy-BARF is the sensible complement for biologically appropriate raw feeding (BARF). NEKTON-Easy-BARF offers also for beginners the opportunity to provide your dog all the required vitamins, minerals and trace elements. NEKTON-Easy-BARF complements a simple food ration of raw meat and oil to obtain a full meal. Contains a high amount of healthy herbs, natural vitamins and minerals. There is no additional feeding of innards or bones necessary. Without added sugar and flavorings, free from gluten and lactose.

In most natural feed for BARF-feeding (various kinds of meat, innards and vegetables) varies the content of vitamins and minerals considerably and is often too low. Since the content of vitamins and other nutrients decreases even in frozen meat and vegetables, it is almost impossible to calculate the species-appropriate requirements of all nutrients without a vitamin-rich supplementation. Here provides NEKTON-Easy-BARF the ability to make species-appropriate self-compiled food rations, also for beginners of the biological appropriate raw feeding.

The product ensures a constant and calculable supply with all essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, thus preventing an undetected deficiency or oversupply.

The feeding of a mineral product with a high proportion of highly available calcium can also prevent formation of white faeces or obstipation, which both can occur when feeding bones. NEKTON-Easy-BARF covers the complete daily calcium needs of the dog.

Furthermore, in NEKTON-EASY BARF emphasis was placed on a high content of herbs, carrots and rose hips, which are located in the natural habitat of the ancestors of dogs. These plants have been eaten by the Wolf either indirectly through the prey or also independently during malnutrition and can be very well utilized by the organism. This provides the wolf or the dog a wide range of healthy nutrients. Dandelion delivers, in addition to iron and magnesium, inulin, which supports digestion due to prebiotic properties. In contrast, nettles have a positive effect on the urinary tract and relieve rheumatic complaints. In addition, they promote through their high content of flavonoids, essential oils and vitamin C the immune system of the dog. Also rose hips and carrots contain a lot of vitamin C and provitamin A. The linseed in NEKTON-Easy-BARF acts as fiber and simultaneously delivers important omega-3 fatty acids, such as the α-linoleic acid. As a source of other essential omega-3 fatty acids, high quality salmon oil is used for NEKTON-Easy-BARF which delivers eicosatetraenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid. These omega-3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory and promote a healthy cell metabolism. Nutrients from brewer's yeast, such as minerals and vitamin B, also promote a beautiful coat and a healthy skin.

All components in NEKTON-Easy-BARF are contained in a high available form, so the absorption of nutrients in the gut is facilitated.

For an adequate supply with essential fatty acids, 1-2 teaspoons full of oil (for example canola oil or salmon oil) per 10 kg of body weight should be additionally fed daily.

Natural Prebiotic and Wellbeing Supplement

NEKTON-Dog Natural plus is a completely new and useful feed supplement which exclusively contains natural ingredients which are suitable to improve convenience feeds. These vital substances, known as "secondary plant substances" or "bio-active substances", have positive effects on purely nutritional functions regarding general vitality or fitness, for digestive and utilization-supporting effects in organisms. Thus, they also protect against negative external influences. The positive effects of bio-active substances have been well tested for animals and human. NEKTON-Dog Natural plus is often used to carefully compensate for irregularities in digestion, such as diarrhea or obstipation, as a natural additive to raw feeding or to upvalue the daily food or convenience food.

This completely new compound, in contrast to the previous basic philosophy of NEKTON products, is not only about addition nutritional additives such as vitamins, trace elements or amino acids. These are nutritional active ingredients or micro-nutrients which are needed for retaining full-value rations. In NEKTON-Natural plus, a completely new and useful complementary concept is pursued. It particularly contains natural substances in addition to natural levels of nutrients and active ingredients, which are scientifically known as "secondary plant substances". These vital substances also have positive effects on purely nutritional functions regarding general well-being or wellness, for digestive and utilization-supporting measures in organisms and thus also protects against negative external influences. The effects of bio-active substances have been well tested for animals and the findings have been frequently transfered to humans. Even transfers of available assessments of an animal species to others are scientifically possible within the framework of biological observations, because all animal cells (including those of humans) and many tissues or organ systems in the animal kingdom work in exactly the same way.

NEKTON-Natural plus:

  • Ensures improved digestion
  • Support utilization of nutrients and active substances
  • Contributes to maintaining fitness
  • Positively intervenes in the intestinal flora (intestinal microbes)
  • Helps to maintain the required bodily functions (physiological processes)
  • Is an animal wellness product and "functional feed"

and contains high levels of well-measured, refined vital substances thanks to its diverse composition. In detail:
We provide the following documented effect relationships and substance-based relationships for nutritional specialists and pet owners who are interested in science.
Yeast, as a fine powder, complements the protein spectrum of the staple diet with valuable amino acids. Other features are naturally concentrated vitamin B complex and positive fibers from yeast cell walls.
Rice starch helps regulate the internal environment in the gastrointestinal tract and provides a favorable pH-value. Thus, hyperacidity in the intestine can be counteracted. As well usable energy source rice starch can be absorbed 100% in the intestines of dogs.
Calcium citrate is an organic calcium compound which provides good absorbable calcium for maintaining bone and tooth structure, and delivers citrate as quick available source of energy to the organism. Moreover, sodium chloride provides a support electrolyte imbalance.
Dandelion is particularly distinguished by its high content of fructan prebiotics and the substance inulin is in the foreground with powder from the sunroot tubers. Inulin promotes the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria and in this way promote your dog's digestion.
The seaweed ascophyllum also offers pre-biotic "fibers" from the cell walls, particularly the so-called "ß-glucans", in addition to valuable ocean minerals and the trace element iodine. They also feed the "good" intestinal bacteria.
Beetroot is used in NEKTON-Dog Natural Plus as a natural supplier of micronutrients and trace elements such as iron, vitamin B, folic acid and potassium. The red color is caused in beetroot of betaine. Betaine is a vitamin-like red dye, which serves to heart, blood vessels and liver protection and is known to prevent against dementia.
Asparagus is distinguished by is high natural content of desirable fructooligosacchariden (FOS), its influences on sensitive intestinal occupants and thus belongs to the prebiotics. A healthy intestinal flora is also a prerequisite for a properly functioning immune system.
The same applies to leeks with regard to its high-quality FOS and added effective essential oils, scents and flavors. They stimulate the digestive juices together with the asparagus aromas.
With their carotinoids (lycopene, lutein and ß-carotene), barley grass and carrots offer true cell protection radical scavenger and natural antioxidants. In addition, beta-carotene as provitamin A and lutein are important for the function of the eyes.
Papaya contains especially in green areas the digestive enzyme papain, which provides additional assistance in the digestion of meat and protein-rich food. Thus directly facilitates the digestion of your dog. A well-functioning digestive greatly contributes to the well-being of your dog.
Canola oil contains in comparison to other oils a very high proportion of the important unsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, such as α-linolenic acid and linoleic acid, from which the organism of the dog can synthesize all essential fatty acids. The various target organs and cell effect systems for fatty acids are now known and popular, whereby skin and hair/coats are in the foreground.

Natural Supplement to Reduce Anxiety and Agression in Dogs and Cats

This innovative new development ensures peace and relaxation for dogs and cats by means of a successful combination of natural components, such as chamomile, ginger and hops, as well as B vitamins and the amino acid L-tryptophan. The high-quality ingredients support production of serotonin in the brain and serves as a mood enhancer. NEKTON-Keep-Cool supports dogs and cats that are nervous and restless, as well as keeping them calm in fearful or stressful situations. The objective is to enable to animal to experience positive learning experiences in stressful situations. The full effects of NEKTON-Keep-Cool develop after solid administration after around 4 weeks and is, if necessary, suitable for long-term administration to consolidate the animal's positive experiences. It does not change the animal's personality!

NEKTON-Keep-Cool was developed on the suggestion of a dog school in Karlsruhe, which focused on working with dogs with behavioral problems. By means of a successful combination of natural ingredients, this innovative new development ensures that dogs and cats with these so-called "behavioral problems" find peace more easily and can take a more relaxed attitude. The first step should be to have a vet determine that symptoms are not due to a serious physical illness. NEKTON-Pro-Active is not medication and has not numbing or impeding effects. NEKTON-Keep-Cool supports the animal's body with the help of the contained high-quality substances, to experience stressful situations more easily and calmly. It does not change the animal's personality! This compound should enable dogs and cats to cope with daunting or stressful situations more calmly and to become more receptive to calls and training. Furthermore, it can help to minimize aggressive behavior. This could well be a long continuous process but it is certainly worthwhile for animals and owners to enjoy a relaxed daily routine. NEKTON-Keep-Cool is suitable to be used over a long time period and its full effects will show after around 4 weeks.

NEKTON-Keep-Cool not a substitute for the daily walking, training and nurturing of dogs or cats. A combination of professional training support and supporting compound is ideal.

A green measuring spoon is attached to each bottle of NEKTON-Keep-Cool. 1g of NEKTON-Keep-Cool corresponds to one measuring spoon.

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